2019 Event Overview

Mustang Week: Day 1

Palmetto Ford Meet ’n’ Greet

Tuesday (September 3, 2019)

We start the week with a bang on Tuesday, September 3, 2019, with the annual Palmetto Ford Meet-n-Greet at Broadway at the Beach.  The event has grown to be one of the favorite events of the week and this year we are returning to the site of the very first Mustang Week gathering! The Meet-n-Greet will take place at Broadway at the Beach, in the northern-most parking lot, closest to the US 17 Bypass and 29th Avenue intersection.  The event is open to all Ford-powered Mustangs and SVTs and is scheduled to run from 10:00am until 3:00pm and is a fun, informal gathering to start the week off.

In 2018, over 900 Mustangs and SVT’s filled the lots and gave returning attendees the chance to see friends from previous years and newcomers to meet new friends.  It’s very laid back and some folks come straight off the highway from their journey to Mustang Week. You can come and go as you please and with this year’s earlier schedule you have the entire evening to get a jump on all the other exciting things The Grand Strand has to offer.  Most participants choose to get there a little early and stay the entire time and some choose to stop by for only an hour or two. The choice is yours!

If you’ve never been to Mustang Week, the Meet-n-Greet turnout will seem overwhelming, but it is only a glimpse of the week to come!  This is where you first see the major difference between Mustang Week and all other car shows and events. You will see everything from classics and pristine show cars to hand-built drag cars and daily driven street cars.  The Meet-n-Greet is where you get a real feel for the sense of “family” that has grown over the past seventeen years. This will also be the first opportunity to purchase the yearly Mustang Week t-shirt and raffle tickets.  The Mustang Week Staff will be on site and available to answer any questions and provide updates and information about the rest of the week’s events. The Myrtle Beach Speedway manager will also be on hand to pre-register folks for Wednesday’s Speedway event.

For the ninth consecutive year, Palmetto Ford of Charleston and the Mustang Week Staff have partnered together to build two 2019 Mustang Week Special Edition Mustangs!  The cars will be designed by Mustang Week Staff member Mike Clay (designer of past Mustang Week Editions) and Palmetto Ford’s Tony Barron. The 2019 Mustang Week Editions will be unveiled at the 2019 Meet-n-Greet.  You could own one of these one-of-a-kind cars for yourself! Give Tony Barron a call at Palmetto Ford (843-343-7997) to see how you can get your hands on a 2019 Mustang Week Edition!

There is no registration required and there is no cost to attend the Meet-n-Greet.  Please check the Mustang Week website forums for parking lot map and entry/exit information.

A Special Tuesday Event

As part of the BFGoodrich Track Days at Myrtle Beach Speedway, on Tuesday, September 3, 2019, BFG will again host the Mustang Week Autocross Driving School at Myrtle Beach Speedway.  You will learn to quickly analyze a new course, apply effective trail braking techniques, understand where to go fast and where to go slow, and how to use your tires more efficiently and effectively.  A brief classroom session will be followed by a track walk and drive time in your car will be the focus with the professional driver coaches riding in your passenger seat.

Registration will be online on the Mustang Week website (www.mustangweek.com) and will be first come, first served.


Mustang Week: Day 2

BFGoodrich Track Day at Myrtle Beach Speedway

Gateway Classic Mustang Autocross, Stifflers Mustang Speedway Fun Runs, MM&FF Dyno Challenge, and Mustang Week Burnout Contest

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

On Wednesday, September 4, 2019, we head back to the Myrtle Beach Speedway (www.myrtlebeachspeedway.com) for a day of dyno shootouts, autocross, Speedway fun runs, and the official Mustang Week burnout contest.  The event is open to all Ford-powered Mustangs and SVTs. Gates open for this amazing day at 9:00am.  Myrtle Beach Speedway is located just 2 miles west of the waterway bridge on US 501, towards Conway, S.C.  In 2018, Wednesday’s event brought in over 2,000 people to take part in the fun.

In 2019, we will start Wednesday at the Myrtle Beach Speedway with the annual MM&FF Dyno Challenge, hosted by Pro-Dyno, taking place from 9:00am until 12:00pm.  Spectators at the Speedway will be able to enjoy both driving events and the Dyno Challenge action, all at one venue! Also, Pro-Dyno will have the dyno set up at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center on Friday and Saturday to meet all your tuning needs!  See the Mustang Week Forums for more info on the Dyno Challenge and how to be involved.

The Gateway Classic Mustang Autocross and the Stifflers Speedway Fun Runs will run simultaneously from 10:00am until 5:00pm.  The annual Mustang Week Burnout Contest will be held promptly at 6:00pm. We have confirmed that fees to participate in this year’s event will be $25 for car and driver.  You can also come to watch all the fun from the stands for $5 per person as well. Be sure to watch the Mustang Week website (www.mustangweek.com) for more important information and details on the Speedway event.

The Gateway Classic Mustang Autocross course is set up and run by experienced personnel, ensuring safety and fun.  Auto crossing gives the driver the opportunity to test their driving skills on a flat, coned course. The autocross will provide a low-speed chance to push your car’s handling capability while testing the driver’s skill behind the wheel. This year’s all-day schedule allows participants plenty of chances at the course. If you’ve never tried an autocross, then you are in for a real treat!

The Stifflers Speedway Fun Runs are a very unique opportunity.  The MB Speedway is a NASCAR sanctioned, ½-mile, oval track. Fun run participants get the chance to go out onto the track one car at a time and take a few laps at their own pace.  Staying inside the cones ensures speeds are kept within safe limits. This is an excellent photo and video opportunity and an absolute thrill for the driver. Prior to the event, Speedway and Mustang Week Staff will position cones on the racetrack to provide a safe, but challenging line around the racetrack.                

At 6:00pm the annual Mustang Week Burnout Contest takes over the Speedway!  Participants line up one at a time on the racetrack to light them up for the crowd.

Vaughn Gittin, Jr. Returns!

He’s back! World Champion Drifter, Professional Fun-Haver, and Mustang Madman, Vaughn Gittin JR, returns to Mustang Week for his third year of high-energy, high-performance drifting action with his 2019 Ford Mustang RTR.  Vaughn, Founder and President of Mustang RTR, will have a few different RTR vehicles on site and, as always, is excited to hang out with fellow Mustang enthusiasts. Mustang Week attendees will also have a chance to get selected for a ride-along with Vaughn!

Mustang Week: Day 3

UPR Products Test-n-Tune (Darlington Dragway)

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Thursday, September 5, 2019, is going to be an action-packed day!  In 2019 Mustang Week’s drag racing event, the UPR Products Test-n-Tune will return to the ¼ mile at Darlington Dragway! The Darlington Dragway is an IHRA-sanctioned ¼ mile track and is located just west of Darlington, S.C. at 2056 E. Bobo Newsome Hwy, Hartsville, S.C., 29550.  Gates will be open from 11:00 am until… There is a $20 fee at the gate for general admission and a $10 fee for a tech card for those who wish to take part in the event.  The event is run in test-n-tune format, allowing participants to take as many runs as they would like and as time will allow. The event is open to Ford-powered Mustangs and SVT vehicles.  This gives the driver the opportunity to try out their car and their skill on the ¼ mile for fun.  At our last Mustang Week event at Darlington, 300+ cars participated and nearly 2,500 spectators watched all the excitement. Staging lanes will be open all afternoon and evening.   Many of the Mustang Week sponsors and vendors will be set up at the Drag Night as well!  It is a night filled with excitement!

ALL cars and drivers are expected to use the safety gear required by Darlington International Dragway (www.darlingtondragway.com).  Drivers are expected to wear closed-toed shoes while on the track, and long pants, and a DOT-approved helmet (if your car is faster than 10.99 seconds in the ¼ mile).  The event is open to Ford-powered Mustangs and SVT vehicles.

We feel that getting to the UPR Test-n-Tune is half the fun!  As folks head out for Darlington, people follow along in small and large groups on their way to Darlington. So, if you haven’t made the trip before, find someone that’s been in previous years and follow behind. To most, the cruise to Darlington is a tradition!  It also goes without saying that this many Mustangs and SVT’s, on the roads to Darlington, draws the attention of local law enforcement agencies, so please obey all traffic laws and have a safe trip to and from the drag strip!

Mustang Week: Day 4

Mustang Week Car Show Presented by CJ Pony Parts (Myrtle Beach Convention Center)

Friday, September 6, 2019

Time to clean up your ride on Friday, September 6, 2019, as the 16th Annual Mustang Week Car Show, presented by CJ Pony Parts, rolls into the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, located at 2101 N Oak St, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579.  This venue offers the ultimate opportunity for the Mustang lover as Mustang Week takes over both the outside and inside of the Convention Center. Outside you will enjoy the conventional outside car show setup with sponsors surrounding the show fields.   Inside spectators and participants will enjoy Mustang Week in true trade show style! Sponsors will be out in full force. This offers participants and spectators the opportunity to talk one-on-one with industry professionals and get great deals on some of the hottest new products.

The 2018 show brought another sell-out crowd of over 800+ cars in the judged show and just over 10,000 spectators!  The car show is open to all years of Ford-powered Mustangs and SVT vehicles. Spectators and participants will have the chance to see everything from mild to wild and from classic Ponies to late models just off the lot!

Mustangs and SVTs will be judged on the overall cleanliness and quality of presentation. We will look at the interior of the car, the engine compartment, the body, the wheels, and tires. We will not judge convertible tops or side glass since they are optioned to be down during the judging period.  Since most people make the trip to Mustang Week in their Mustang and carry most of the cleaning gear with them, we will not judge trunks either.  People who do win at the Mustang Week Car Show take cleaning seriously and it shows. The Staff understands that you are not at home with all your “normal” cleaning products and procedures.  BUT… each year folks drive a long way to Mustang Week and always manage to get their cars REALLY clean!

In 2019 we will bring back a very popular option for the Mustang Week Car Show.  We will also offer “display only” spots for Friday’s Car Show. With this option, you will be able to park inside the show field during the Car Show, but your car will not be judged.  This allows the participant to park early, to be in the middle of all the action, displaying your car in what is sure to be one of the largest Mustang and SVT’s shows to date.

For those that wish to be part of the judging, the pre-registration fee is $45.  The cost for a display-only spot will be $35. Registration for the annual Mustang Week Car Show will be by pre-register only on the Mustang Week website (www.mustangweek.com) and will open May 11, 2019.  No late entries will be accepted.  Check-in for the show will be between 8:00 am and 11:00 am. As an added special bonus, those pre-registered for both the judged portion or a display only spot, during Friday’s Car Show, will be given a two-day parking pass that will get you into Saturday’s Meet-n-Greet at no extra charge.

Judging will run from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm.  This year we ask that all participants in the judged portion of the show please do not take your car out of the show field until the Mustang Week Staff announces that judging is completed.  It would be a shame if your car qualified for a “best of” trophy and it was not there for Staff review after initial judging was completed.

The car show awards will be presented at 3:00 pm on Saturday, September 6th.

Participants will enter the Car Show from the Burroughs & Chapin Boulevard entrance to the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.   There will be paid spectator parking, across Oak Street, in front of the Convention Center.

In 2019 we will again be looking for parking and judging volunteers.  If you have prior judging experience, it will be your way to become more involved with Mustang Week!

2019 Mustang Week Car Show Classes

*Car Show awards given out Saturday at 3:00 pm


  • ’64 ½-’66
  • ’67-’68
  • ’69-’70
  • ’71-’73
  • ’74-’78
  • ’79-’86
  • ’87-’93
  • ’94-’98
  • ’99-’04
  • ’05-’09
  • ’10-’14
  • ’15-‘19
  • ’93 Cobra
  • ’94-’95 Cobra
  • ’96-’98 Cobra
  • ’99-’01 Cobra
  • ’03-’04 Cobra
  • Best ’65-’70 Shelby
  • ’07-’20 Shelby
  • Best Saleen
  • Best Roush
  • Best Steeda
  • Best Ford Specialty
  • Best Lightning
  • Best Engine
  • Best Paint
  • Best Specialty
  • Best SVT
  • Long Distance Award
  • Best Boss
  • Best GT/CS
  • Best Mach 1
  • Best ’01 Bullitt
  • Best ’08 Bullitt
  • Best ’19 Bullitt

Also including many Awards of Excellence and several special trophies!

Mustang Week: Day 5

Mustang Week Cruise-In Presented by Saleen (Myrtle Beach Convention Center)

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019, ends the week-long fun with the East Coast’s Largest Mustang Cruise-In!  The Mustang Week Cruise-In, presented by Saleen, takes place at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center (same venue as Friday’s Car Show) and runs from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. The sheer volume of Mustangs and SVT’s at the Cruise-In never ceases to amaze participants and spectators.  In 2018, attendance at the Mustang Week Cruise-In on Saturday included over 900 Mustangs that packed the show field and surrounding parking lots. It would take the entire afternoon to walk around and see everything. Over 10,000 spectators got a chance to see all the cars, sponsors, and vendors.  It goes without saying that the 2019 Cruise-In will be one of the largest gatherings of Mustangs you will see in one place at one time! It is a “can’t miss” event. There will be a $10/car parking fee for the Cruise-In. Those registered for Friday’s Car Show will get in with the 2-day pass they received when checking in to the show.  Once again, Mustang Week Staff and volunteers will be on hand to help with parking and answer any questions that you may have.

Also, for the 13th year in a row, Southeastern Foxbodies (SEFB) will hold their annual Fox Body Cruise on Saturday, September 7, 2019.  Full cruise details can be found at the club’s website, SEFB.net.

At 3:00 pm, inside the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, the awards from Friday’s Car Show will be handed out to those lucky winners.  Gather around and cheer on those that take home the much-deserved trophies! Near the end of the afternoon, we will give away the incredible raffle prizes that we will have sold tickets all week long.  There are very few shows that give out the high caliber raffle prizes that are given away at Mustang Week.

Tips to Make The Week Better!

At this point, we would like to offer a few suggestions to help make your week more fun and comfortable.  First, take the time to read ALL information posted on www.mustangweek.com in the “Event Overview”.  Answers to most questions you can think of can be found on the website. The Mustang Week website is where the “official” information is distributed.  Social media can sometimes add an element of confusion so please refer to the website. It is important to mention here that the only thing you need to pre-register for is the judged portion of Friday’s Car Show.  The track events are paid/registered day-of the event. Spectators can enjoy Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday free of charge!

It gets hot during the day and having plenty of fluids will ensure you will make it through the day without becoming dehydrated.  Always make sure to have a good supply of sunscreen as well. Sunburn can make a day in the sun very uncomfortable, not to mention a miserable night’s sleep!  It is also a good idea to bring along a set of two-way radios if you have them. Folks enjoy having those while rolling around the beach. Also, you may want to bring a chair!  Having somewhere to sit and rest can make all the difference.

We also ask that you do not enter the Friday and Saturday’s show field until the posted time.  The Mustang Week Staff will be hard at work getting sponsors set up and making the show field ready for participant cars.  As in the past, we will have volunteers on hand to help make parking go quickly once we open the show field. Please be patient as we must park a lot of cars in a very short amount of time.

Most importantly, Mustang Week was created to be a celebration!  We want it to be a very relaxing and laid-back time, without all of the hassles of the typical car show.

And lastly, please obey all traffic laws when coming into and leaving a Mustang Week event.  The Mustang Week Staff does not condone any inappropriate behavior on public roads and highways!  We want everyone to return to their homes safely having had the time of their lives!