2022 Mustang Week Event Overview

Author: Brad Worley

Welcome To the Last Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach

It’s hard to imagine, and honestly, it’s heartbreaking.  You hear it all the time, “all good things come to an end.”  But we never expect something in its prime to end.  For reasons that will someday come to light, this year we will say goodbye to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach.  For some of us, Mustang Week is a way of life.  Many, including the Staff, have been involved with Mustang Week for nearly half our lives.  Some have literally grown up not knowing a world without Mustang Week.  We have relished in being the country’s best and largest week-long Mustang event.  It will be remembered and talked about for many years to come.   So, let’s all get ready for one last ride to the beach.

If you’ve never been, Mustang Week is unlike anything you’ve ever attended.  It’s the annual pilgrimage that brings us all together, in one place, to celebrate the iconic Ford Mustang.  There is no feeling like when you first pull out of your driveway, marking the beginning of the week-long adventure.  It is the excitement you feel when you cross the South Carolina state line or first see the Atlantic Ocean upon arrival.  But for you newcomers, nothing can prepare you for the first time you see and hear a group of Mustang Week participants pass you on Myrtle Beach’s streets.  No other event brings you this exciting experience for an entire week.  For you regulars, the excitement is already building as you prepare for your last crusade to “the Grand Strand!”  This summer, as the last Mustang Week draws to a close, waves of emotions will leave us all wishing it would never end.

For one final summer, in Myrtle Beach, S.C., Mustang owners have the chance to take one last road trip to the country’s premier celebration of the cars we love.  Folks all over the country are making their plans and getting their Mustang or SVT ready for the 21st Annual Mustang Week.  The only question left to ask is… how could you not be there?

Mustang Week: Day 1
Monday (July 25, 2022)
2022 Mustang Week Kick-Off Party

Carolina Tavern and TGIFriday

Hosted by Modify My Stang and Cobra Sam

When the Mustang Week Staff started planning the last event in Myrtle Beach, SC, we were contacted by Modify My Stang, and Cobra Sam, and asked if they could do something in appreciation for the 21 years of Mustang Week.  We are honored that they will be hosting the 2022 Mustang Week Kick-Off Party, on Monday, July 25th, from 4:00pm until 9:00pm.  Carolina Tavern is located at 852 Mall Dr., Murrells Inlet, SC 29576, and TGIFriday is located at 3202 US 17 Bus., Murrells Inlet, SC 29576.  Both are located at the Inlet Square Mall. *Please obey all traffic rules while attending this event.

Mustang Week: Day 2
Tuesday (July 26, 2022)
Pro-Dyno and Steeda Meet & Dyno Challenge
Suck Bang Blow
10:00am – Until

We are extremely excited to announce the first-ever Pro-Dyno / Steeda Meet and Dyno Challenge!  For years, Pro-Dyno has been hosting some the highest horsepower Mustangs on their dyno during Mustang Week.  This year, we’re turning up the volume alongside Steeda!  If you think you have the highest horsepower Mustang around, enter the Dyno Challenge and see where you stack up against the best of the best.  Registration will be announced soon online and on Mustang Week’s social media.

In addition to the annual Dyno Challenge, Steeda will be raffling off a ton of 1979+ Mustang parts for your build!  During Mustang Week in 2021, Steeda gave away over $23k work of raffle prizes.  In order to enter the raffle, you need to be present at Tuesday’s event and purchase food and/or drinks at Suck Bang Blow.  Simply cash in our receipt with a Steeda representative and you’ll get a raffle ticket for prizes at the end of the event!

Our friends at Suck Bang Blow, at 3393 US 17 Bus., Murrells Inlet, SC, have graciously opened their doors for us to pull up, pop our hoods, watch some high horsepower ponies on the dyno, grab a bite to eat, talk “Mustang,” and win some prizes!  The event is open to all Ford-powered Mustangs, SVTs, and Ford Performance vehicles.

Mustang Week: Day 3
Wednesday (July 27, 2022)
Stangs at the Beaver
Presented by the Mustang Week Staff

The Mustang Week Staff are proud to announce a special event for the final Mustang Week.  On Wednesday, July 27, 2022, we will host “Stangs at the Beaver,” from 4:00 pm until 8:00 pm, at the The Beaver Bar, in Murrells Inlet, SC.  We are expecting a very large turnout for this event!  The schedule for this event will allow participants and spectators to be free to enjoy the beach, shopping, and dinning during the first part of the day.  The Beaver Bar has an extremely relaxed atmosphere, and this is sure an event not to miss!  Hang out friends old and new and enjoy all the high horsepower sights and sounds.  This will also be your first chance to get on of this year’s official Mustang Week t-shirts!  Stangs at the Beaver, as with all Mustang Week events, is open to all Ford-powered Mustangs, SVTs, and Ford Performance vehicles.

Mustang Week: Day 4
Thursday (July 28, 2022)
Mustang Week Autocross
Presented by BFGoodrich
Location/Time TBD

Mustang Week Test-N-Tune
Thursday (July 28, 2022)
Presented by UPR
Darlington Dragway

Thursday, July 28, 2022, is the day you get to see what your Mustang will do at the strip! Four years ago, the Darling Dragway gained new ownership and they made some great renovations.  The Dragway is an IHRA sanctioned ¼ mile track and is located just west of Darlington, S.C. at 2056 E. Bobo Newsome Hwy, Hartsville, S.C., 29550.  Gates will be open from 4:00pm – until. There is a $20 fee at the gate for general admission and a $30 fee for a tech card for those who wish to take part in the event.  The event is run in test-n-tune format, allowing participants to take as many runs as they would like and as time will allow.  This gives the driver the opportunity to try out their car and their skill on the ¼ mile for fun.  Our last event at Darlington Dragway was in 2016, and 300+ cars participated and nearly 2,500 spectators watched all the Drag Night excitement. Staging lanes will be open all afternoon and evening.   Some of the Mustang Week sponsors and vendors will be set up at the Test-N-Tune as well!  It is a night filled with excitement!

ALL cars and drivers are expected to use the safety gear required by Darlington International Dragway (www.darlingtondragway.com).  Drivers are expected to wear closed-toed shoes while on the track, and long pants are preferred.  The event is open to Ford-powered Mustangs SVTs, and Ford Performance vehicles.

We feel that getting to the Mustang Week Test-N-Tune, presented by UPR, is half the fun!  A few participants and spectators choose to drive straight to the venue, and some will come straight to the Dragway on their way to Mustang Week.  It is very exciting to see so many Mustangs and SVT’s out on the road at the same time!  In years past, there have been as many as 300 cars that took part in non-official cruises to Darlington.  Needless to say, this will provide some excellent photo and video opportunities.  It also goes without saying that this many Mustangs and SVT’s draws the attention of local law enforcement agencies, so please obey all traffic laws, and have a safe trip to and from the drag strip!

Mustang Week: Day 5
Friday (July 29, 2022)
Mustang Week Car Show
Myrtle Beach Mall
Presented by CJ Pony Parts

Time to clean up your ride on Friday, July 29, 2022 as the 19th Annual Mustang Week Car Show, presented by CJ Pony Parts, rolls into the Myrtle Beach Mall, 10177 N Kings Hwy, Myrtle Beach, SC.  You read this right!  We’re carrying this year’s final Mustang Week Car Show back to the mall!  For many, this is location that comes to mind when thinking about Mustang Week. Sponsors will be out in full force. This offers participants and spectators the opportunity to talk one-on-one with industry professionals and get great deals on some of the hottest new products.

Past Car Shows have brought sell-out crowds of up to 1,200 cars in the judged show and just between 13,000 – 15,000 spectators!  The car show is open to all years of Ford-powered Mustangs, SVTs, and Ford Performance vehicles. Spectators and participants will have the chance to see everything from mild to wild and from classic Ponies to late models just off the lot!

Cars will be judged on the overall cleanliness and quality of presentation. We will look at the interior of the car, the engine compartment, the body, the wheels, and tires. We will not judge convertible tops or side glass since they are optioned to be down during the judging period.  Since most people make the trip to Mustang Week in their Mustang and carry most of the cleaning gear with them, we will not judge trunks either.  People who do win at the Mustang Week Car Show take cleaning seriously and it shows. The Staff understands that you are not at home with all your “normal” cleaning products and procedures.  BUT… each year folks drive a long way to Mustang Week and always manage to get their cars REALLY clean!

For those that wish to be in the show, the pre-registration fee is $45.   Registration for the annual Mustang Week Car Show will be by pre-register only on the Mustang Week website (www.mustangweek.com) and will open May 14, 2022.  No late entries will be accepted.  *Please know, that with limited space at the mall, the Car Show will sell out VERY fast.  Check-in for the show will be between 8:00 am and 11:00 am.

Judging will run from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm.  This year we ask that all participants in the judged portion of the show please do not take your car out of the show field until the Mustang Week Staff announces that judging is completed.  It would be a shame if your car qualified for a “best of” trophy and it was not there for Staff review after initial judging was completed.

The car show awards will be presented at 3:00 pm on Saturday, July 30th.

Participants will enter the Car Show from the front entrance of Myrtle Beach Mall.  Please circle the mall counterclockwise and line up around the back of the mall.  You can stage on the Belk side of the mall, prior to the show field opening.  Please DO NOT block mall entrances.

In 2022 we will again be looking for parking volunteers. This is your way to become more involved with Mustang Week and pick up one of those cool Mustang Week Volunteer t-shirts!

2022 Mustang Week Car Show Classes

*Car Show awards given out Saturday at 3:00pm!  *Also including many special trophies!

Best 641/2-66 Mustang

Best 67-68 Mustang

Best 69-70 Mustang

Best 71-73 Mustang

Best 74-78 Mustang

Best 79-86 Mustang

Best 87-93 Mustang

Best 93 Cobra

Best 94-98 Mustang

Best 99-04 Mustang

Best 05-09 Mustang

Best 10-14 Mustang

Best 15-17 Mustang

Best 18-19 Mustang

Best 20-22 Mustang

Best 94-98 Cobra

Best 99-04 Cobra

Top 5 Shelby Mustangs

Top 5 Roush Mustangs

Best Steeda


Best Lightning

Best 10-14 Raptor

Best 17-20 Raptor

Best 12-13Boss

Best 69-71 Boss

Best GT/CS

Best 03-04 Mach 1

Best 69-73 Mach 1

Best 21 Mach 1

Best 01 Bullitt

Best 08-09 Bullitt

Best 19-20  Bullitt

Top 5 Saleen Mustangs

Mustang Week: Day 6
Saturday (July 30, 2022)
Mustang Week Cruise-In
Myrtle Beach Mall

Saturday, July 30, 2022, ends the week-long fun with the East Coast’s Largest Mustang Cruise-In!  The last Mustang Week Cruise-In takes place at the Myrtle Beach Mall (same venue as Friday’s Car Show) and runs from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. The sheer volume of Mustangs, SVTs, and Ford Performance vehicles at the Cruise-In never ceases to amaze participants and spectators.  In past years, attendance at the Mustang Week Cruise-In on Saturday included over 1,000 Mustangs that packed the show field and surrounding parking lots. It would take the entire afternoon to walk around and see everything. Over 10,000 spectators will have a chance to see all the cars, sponsors, and vendors.  It goes without saying that the 2022 Cruise-In will be one of the largest gatherings of Mustangs you will see in one place at one time!  Being the last one, it is a “can’t miss” event.  Once again, Mustang Week Staff and volunteers will be on hand to help with parking and answer any questions that you may have.

Also, Fox Mustang Restoration will hold its annual Fox Body Cruise on Saturday, July 30, 2022.  Full cruise details can be found at their website, foxresto.com.

At 3:00 pm, in front of the Mustang Week tents and trailer, the awards from Friday’s Car Show will be handed out to those lucky winners.  Gather around and cheer on those that take home the much-deserved trophies!  The Mustang Week Staff will also take this opportunity to talk a little about the history of Mustang Week and what it has meant to each of us.  This will be our time to thank you all for the years of support.

Tips to Make the Week Better!

At this point, we would like to offer a few suggestions to help make your week more fun and comfortable.  First, take the time to read ALL information posted on www.mustangweek.com in the “Event Overview” and forums.  Answers to most all questions you can think of can be found on the website. The Mustang Week website is where the “official” information is distributed.  Social media can sometimes add an element of confusion so please refer to the website. It is important to mention here that the only thing you need to pre-register for is the judged portion of Friday’s Car Show.  The track events are paid/registered day of the event. Spectators can enjoy Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday free of charge!

It gets hot during the day and having plenty of fluids will ensure you will make it through the day without becoming dehydrated.  Always make sure to have a good supply of sunscreen as well. Sunburn can make a day in the sun very uncomfortable, not to mention a miserable night’s sleep!  It is also a good idea to bring along a set of two-way radios if you have them. Folks enjoy having those while rolling around the beach. Also, you may want to bring a chair!  Having somewhere to sit and rest can make all the difference.

We also ask that you do not enter the Friday and Saturday show field until the posted time.  The Mustang Week Staff will be hard at work getting sponsors set up and making the show field ready for participant cars.  As in the past, we will have volunteers on hand to help make parking go quickly once we open the show field. Please be patient as we must park a lot of cars in a very short amount of time.

Most importantly, Mustang Week was created to be a celebration!  We want it to be a very relaxing and laid-back time, without all of the hassles of the typical car show.

And lastly, please obey all traffic laws when coming into and leaving a Mustang Week event.  The Mustang Week Staff does not condone any inappropriate behavior on public roads and highways!  We want everyone to return to their homes safely having had the time of their lives!