Exciting news about Mustang Week 2017

by Jaron Cole

The Mustang Week Staff has some very important and exciting news!  Upon returning from this year’s event, the Mustang Week Staff began working with the Myrtle Beach Convention Center to move our two largest events, Friday’s Car Show and Saturday’s Cruise-In, to that location.  And, after some time and careful consideration, we have reached an agreement and our two main events will move there in 2017.  The dates for Mustang Week 2017 will be September 4th through September 10th, 2017.  For many years participants have constantly asked us to move Mustang Week to a time of year that would provide relief from the July heat.  The move to early September will not only provide cooler temperatures, but will also allow participants to enjoy lower motel rates.  Also, there will be much less traffic and crowding, allowing participants and sponsors to move about Myrtle Beach with less congestion.  Ocean water temperatures will still be perfect for swimming, allowing participants the perfect beach vacation, while being a bit more comfortable to all.

We will hold the Car Show and Cruise-In in the large parking lots adjacent to the Convention Center.  In the past we have had to limit the number of Friday’s Car Show participants and in 2016 registration for the show sold out online in less than 24 hours.  In 2017, the added parking space will allow us to open the registration to more judged Car Show spots and accommodate a lot more cars during the Cruise-In.  

Participants and spectators will be able to check out sponsors both outside in the cars show area and inside the main Convention Center hall and lobby!  This will bring your Mustang Week experience to a whole new level.  

We will be working very hard over the next couple of months to put all the final details together for the 2017 Mustang Week daily schedule.  We hope that you all are as excited as we are about this move and will make the 16th Annual gathering one not to miss!  As always, it is our goal to make Mustang Week the ultimate experience for both participants and sponsors.

Thank you for your continued support!

The Mustang Week Staff