Register for the 2016 BFGoodrich Autocross School

by Jaron Cole

BFGoodrich invites you to attend Autocross School at Myrtle Beach Speedway Tuesday, July 19. Skip Barber lead Instructor for 30 years, Terry Earwood, with his staff of highly experienced, professional drivers will teach students a variety of skills to lower lap times.

Drivers participating in the school will be trained to:

  • Quickly analyze a new course
  • Apply effective trail braking techniques
  • Understand where to go fast and where to go slow
  • Use your tires more efficiently and effectively

A brief classroom session will be followed by a track walk. Drive time in your car will be the focus with our professional driver coaches riding in the right seat.

There are two sessions available on Tuesday. Both sessions are the same information and student experience.

Click the links below to register for the school.