Enter your car for the Battle at the Beach Dyno Challenge

by Jaron Cole

It’s hard not to get excited by horsepower. The Battle at the Beach Dyno Challenge is taking place again this year at Mustang Week. This competition is all about checking out a variety of combinations from the real world. We see plenty of combos with project cars built by magazines and custom shops, but it’s great to see what real people are doing with their cars.

Ryan Tutor and his 2001 Saleen took the trophy home last year. If you think you have the car to take it home this year, please:

Submit photos of your Mustang, along with a brief description to 5.0mailbag@sorc.com.

Or by snail mail to:

Battle at the Beach
c/o 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords
9036 Brittany Way
Tampa, FL 33619