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Mustang Week Car Show Registration is open

by crockwood

Registration for the 2018 Mustang Week Car Show is now open.

For those that wish to be part of the judging, the pre-registration fee is going to be $45. In 2018 we will bring back a very popular option for the Mustang Week Car Show.  We will also offer “display only” spots for Friday’s Car Show. With this option you will be able to park inside the show field during the Car Show; however, your car will not be judged.  This allows the participant to park early, be in the middle of all the action, displaying your car in what is sure to be one of the largest Mustang and SVT shows to date. The cost for a display-only spot will be $35. Once you have registered for either “judged” or “display only,” there will be no changes allowed, so please put careful thought into which you choose. No late entries will be accepted.  Check-in for the show will be between 8:00 am and 11:00 am the day of the show.  As an added special bonus, those pre-registered for both the judged portion or a display only spot, during Friday’s Car Show, will be given a two-day parking pass that will get you into Saturday’s Meet-n-Greet at no extra charge.

The registration will open tomorrow May 12th at 2:00 pm EST via EventBrite:


Thanks for your support and we look forward to seeing you

Registration for the Friday Car Show opens on May 12.

by crockwood

Registration will be opening May 12 for the 2018 Car Show. If you’re interested in showing your car this year at the Car Show (which is held on Friday of Mustang Week) then be sure to register early. Spots in the show typically sell out fast.

Registration is only necessary if you want to enter your car into consideration for judging. If you’re only interested in attending the show as a spectator, there is no need to register. All are welcome to come out and take a look at what this year’s participants bring out.

2017 Mustang Week Re-Cap

by crockwood

The Mustang Week Staff would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for all they’ve done to help us make the 16th Annual Mustang Week an overwhelming success.  We realize that without volunteers, participants, and the sponsorship there is no way we would be able to continue hosting the largest annual Mustang event in the country.   It is always exciting to see participants moving around the different venues, interacting with each other and leading industry sponsors.   Mustang Week is different from any other event in the country.  Mustang Week is not merely a show.  If you attend all the scheduled events, you will see that Mustang Week is an “experience” that can be rivaled by no other weekend show.  Where else can you combine a beach vacation with all kinds of driving events and shows?  Only at Mustang Week!

Mustang Week will continue despite Hurricane Irma

by crockwood

We’ve received a lot of questions about the impact of hurricane Irma on Mustang Week. We want to assure you Mustang Week will still continue through September 10th as planned.

Irma is not estimated to impact Myrtle Beach until next Tuesday, September 12th. All of the events at Mustang Week 2017 will continue as planned.

Sign up for the BFGoodrich Autocross School

by crockwood

BFGoodrich invites you to attend Autocross School at Myrtle Beach Speedway Tuesday,Sept 5th.

BF Goodrich staff of highly experienced, professional drivers will teach students a variety of skills to lower lap times.

Drivers participating in the school will be trained to:
Quickly analyze a new course
Apply effective trail braking techniques
Understand where to go fast and where to go slow
Use your tires more efficiently and effectivelyA brief classroom session will be followed by a track walk. Drive time in your car will be the focus with our professional driver coaches riding in the right seat.

There is a morning session (10-1) and a afternoon session (2-5). Both have the same student experiences.

Sign up here

Registration for the 2017 Mustang Week Car Show will open in May

by crockwood

The registration for the annual car show will open in mid May. Stay tuned to our Mustang Week Facebook page and here on the site for updates as we get closer to opening the registration.

The registration is only for getting a spot for your car in the show. Attending the car show or any of the other Mustang Week events as a spectator is free.

Exciting news about Mustang Week 2017

by crockwood

The Mustang Week Staff has some very important and exciting news!  Upon returning from this year’s event, the Mustang Week Staff began working with the Myrtle Beach Convention Center to move our two largest events, Friday’s Car Show and Saturday’s Cruise-In, to that location.  And, after some time and careful consideration, we have reached an agreement and our two main events will move there in 2017.  The dates for Mustang Week 2017 will be September 4th through September 10th, 2017.  For many years participants have constantly asked us to move Mustang Week to a time of year that would provide relief from the July heat.  The move to early September will not only provide cooler temperatures, but will also allow participants to enjoy lower motel rates.  Also, there will be much less traffic and crowding, allowing participants and sponsors to move about Myrtle Beach with less congestion.  Ocean water temperatures will still be perfect for swimming, allowing participants the perfect beach vacation, while being a bit more comfortable to all.