I wanted to help those who are not from the area and up on the Northern End and want the local experience.

I own ledo Pizza. and a 2007 Foose Stallion since new. Come in, mention the Mustang Week and get 10% off.

Pizza...Ledo Pizza in the Lowes Home improvement Shopping Center just past Main Street going North. Full serve, bar, great pizza, subs, salads and wings. Won lots of Myrtle Beach awards, clean, real nice. Real deal MB crab cakes (best on the beach) Sunday Only if you are here.
On the Beach...Molly Darcy's. 17th Ave. N. Sit outside, just get the Cheese steak--it's that good. also a bar.
Different...Crusin' Cuisine. Delicious. unique. Seats about 30 people max, real small place. Across from the NMB Harley Dealer.
Sports Bar local....Oscars. Pittsburgh oriented, all the food is pretty good.
Sports Bar Chain...Hickory Tavern. OK food, TV's everywhere. (Whisky River, not all that great, go to HT.)
Ice Cream...Melt on Main Street. They make a lot of their own--if you want high quality. Painters Ice Cream is famous. Sweet Frog (same shopping center as Ledo Pizza) if you want yogurt.
BBQ....I realize this is very personal, but either Bar-B-Que House, near Outback, or old south in Cherry Grove on Sea Mountain Hwy.