We, the Mustaqng Week Staff, would like to offer a few suggestions to help make your week more fun andcomfortable. First, take the time to read ALL information posted on www.mustangweek.com inthe “Event Overview” and forums. Answers to most all questions you can think of can be foundon the website. The Mustang Week website is where the “official” information is distributed. Social media can sometimes add an element of confusion so please refer to the website. It isimportant to mention here that the only thing you need to pre-register for is the judged portion and display-only portion of Friday’s Car Show. The track events are paid/registered day-of the event. Spectators can enjoy Tuesday for free, and Friday and Saturday at MBCC will only have to pay a $5 parking fee (per car) to attend!

It gets warm during the day and having plenty of fluids will insure you will make it through the day without becoming dehydrated. Always make sure to have a good supply of sunscreen as well. Sunburn can make a day in the sun very uncomfortable, not to mention a miserable night’s sleep! Also, you may want to bring a chair! Having somewhere to sit and rest can make all the difference. We also ask that you do not enter the Friday and Saturday’s show field until the posted time. The Mustang Week Staff will be hard at work getting sponsors and vendors set up and making the show field ready for participant cars. As in the past, we will have volunteers on hand to help make parking go quickly once we open the show field. Please don't arrive early, you will need to do any pre-show last minute prep off site. Please be patient as we have to park a lot of cars in a very short amount of time.

Most importantly, Mustang Week was created to be a celebration! We want it to be a very relaxing and laid-back time, without all of the hassles of the typical car show. And lastly, please obey all traffic laws when coming into and leaving a Mustang Week event. The Mustang Week Staff does not condone any inappropriate behavior on public roads and highways! We want everyone to return to their homes safely having had the time of their lives!