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    Volunteer Schedule
    Tuesday- Show up at 11:30am for early entry & the event will start at 1pm. You will be stopping cars from sneaking in & once the event starts will be parking cars.

    Wednesday- Show up at 9am to beat the rush. The gate will have a list with your names. We will have a morning & afternoon shift and you will be picking up cones.

    Thursday- Goodie bag crew- meet at the Convention Center at 10am. Look for the MW Raptor out front.

    Friday- Parking Crew- show up PROMPTLY at 6:30 am & be ready to park cars at 8am. We may need a few to monitor the entry & ask people to move on if they show up early. (you only get in early if your car is registered in the show)

    Friday- Judges show up at PROMPTLY at 7am. Judges meeting at 10 am then an early lunch with judging starting at 11am (you only get in early if your car is registered in the show)

    Saturday- Parking Crew- show up at 8am for early entry with parking starting at 10 am. This should take 2 hrs. or so then lunch.

    For volunteering you will receive a limited edition LMR shirt, an official event shirt, and lunch.

    If you are interested in volunteering for the events listed below, please email the following information to
    -Full name
    -Event you are volunteering for
    -Shirt size

    Please make sure your name is on the list in the lounge in our forums on
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