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Thread: Future of Mustang Week and Reputation

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    Default Future of Mustang Week and Reputation

    If you care about MW, it's future and the safety of the participants and the public please bear with me and read.. I am not a part of the Staff and say this because I care and have been a long time participant. After viewing posts of pics and vids one led me to U Tube. In doing so I viewed some videos there and quite frankly I was ASTONISHED!! As a result please hear me out. As a long term Store Leader how I conducted myself in the community I lived in directly affected my business and it's reputation. It was always an honor to me for an employee to want to introduce me to their family and that associate say this is my manager. Traveling to MW, during MW and traveling home from MW you personally represent this great event. Your actions directly effect the future and reputation. When videos additionally are posted on line for the world to see, have you considered the consequences? Perhaps you didn't wreck your Mustang, injure yourself or your passengers, get an expensive ticket, injure or kill a bystander this time and you feel you got away scott free. Well you didn't!! Those who witnessed the lawlessness and carelessness find you guilty. Think about the consequences, PLEASE! We agree adjustments need to be made to keep up with the growth of MW, Right? You are now a Staff member facing the local Police, City Officials, Event Tennants etc and ask for future advancement considerations and they sit you down, hit the play button and you sit there while the videos are played. What would you say?? Your actions just personally provided the ammunition for them to say no thanks you and your event are no longer welcome. Is that what you want? So how do we fix this? * Obey traffic laws all week going and coming. * Attend and participate in the event that allows you to do burn outs, drag race and speed around a track. * Show some restraint and conduct yourself responsibly. * No one performs before an empty audience so walk away from those performing irresponsibly. * Finally do the right thing and call out those who chose to damage the reputation of MW and endanger lives. * Delete those pics and vids that damage the reputation of MW if you have any conscience or character about yourself. I'm not a perfect person and have learned often the hard way. I share this out of concern for others and those who sacrifice their time to promote this family event. I don't do social media so I hereby give my permission for you to copy and post my comments where they may reach as many MW participants as possible.

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    Well said but there will always be those idiots out there that will continue to do whatever they please. I think you're right about the audience participation. Egging it on is definitely a big part in doing the burnouts on the public streets. I was really glad to see the local police out front of the show and cruise in. This made all the difference at least at the main events.
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    Very well said Charles, as bbcobra put it," there will always be those idiots out there" but there doesn't have to be. I too have been a participant for a long time and have expressed my concerns here and elsewhere. The MW Staff does everything possible to curb the actions of a few that can ruin this event for the many. The Officers out front and keeping the spectators off the highway right-of-way has been a great deterrent to the "hey bubba, watch this" crowd. MW is the "Best week of the Year" and can continue to be with the leadership and staff we have working year round to make it that way. We owe it to them as participants and spectators to conduct ourselves as responsible adults. With all that they have to do, they shouldn't have to be worry about someone acting a fool and getting someone injured or killed at an event. Lets make MW2K17 and event to be proud of, one we can look back on and say, "Man, that was the Best Mustang Week Ever!".
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    all that was said is so very true...every year this event has been a very well put together family event....this year ,imo,has been the best one yet..some people didn't fall prey to the egging on of some crowd participants..i really believe the presence of the local cops made the difference....the city knows that when we(the mustang groups)come to town,they bring alot of revenue to the area and i know they want it to if everyone would keep this in mind,MW will go on and continue to grow into the biggest gathering of mustangs on the east coast...keep up the good work MW staff,were all behind you 110%

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    Quote Originally Posted by 46poewer View Post
    all that was said is so very true...every year this article on virilityex event has been a very well put together family event....this year ,imo,has been the best one yet..some people didn't fall prey to the egging on of some crowd participants..i really believe the presence of the local cops made the difference....
    Agreed, I love mustang week so it's a shame when a few people misbehave.
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