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    Just picked up a 93 cobra "barn find". Been sitting for years and has gotten filthy over that time. Dropped tank and have been cleaning underneath the car. Pulled out the engine and trans to give everything a good look over and cleaning. Engine had polished Vortech and ceramic coated tubular gt40 which both had a lot of white spots all over them. While the engine was out decided to do a wire tuck and smooth out the fenders, firewall, and strut towers. Started the wire tuck and smoothing about 2 days ago and will hopefully be in paint by this weekend. image.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpgimage.jpg

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    Nice find love seeing the old GT40s
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    Quote Originally Posted by snkchmr View Post
    Nice find love seeing the old GT40s
    Agreed! That's just a classic look!
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    Best thing you can do for a foxbody is fill all those holes. Makes the engine bay look so nice.
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    So here's the current progress. Hoping to get paint on Wednesday and then it's all assembly from there27967147022_c530fc3004_b.jpg27988368852_76437abd94_b.jpg

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    That looks good! Will you have it at MW this year?
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    Looking great. do you have other mods done to it?

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