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Thread: Possible venue change up suggestions

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    Default Possible venue change up suggestions

    Monday; Meet and Greet at Waccamaw Pottery off #501.
    Tuesday; Driving schools at the MB Speedway to include auto cross and turns around the track. I'm sure there is a vendor that would love to teach "oval track driving" too.
    Wednesday; Drag day Darlington.
    Thursday; Track day at MB Speedway.
    Friday; Car show.
    Saturday; Cruise in.
    There are enough cars in town by Sunday to fill up a meet and greet that Monday. Choose a location that will hold participants. Flip Drag day so car show participants can attend with out having to stay up all night. Add an event to the driving school theme to include oval track driving.
    Make MW truly a week long event.
    Certainly not complaining, after 11 years I respect very much the work that goes into this awesome event.

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    I'm a big fan of flipping track day and drag night!!
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    Last time I was at Waccamaw Pottery it was so overgrown I would hate to have an offroad show there.
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    please swap drag day and track day just to far to enjoy event and have car ready for show .

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