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Thread: Some Things Can't Continue...

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    Default Some Things Can't Continue...

    You gotta love when a link comes up on your Facebook feed, only to find these.....

    this was my first MustangWeek... my dad's 4th. We HIGHLY look forward to next years, but come on guys, this can't keep happening or they will most assuredly put an end to the event. Common sense.... had the red Stang gone into and hit some of the crowd, I fear the event would be followed up by several attending funerals rather than the awards the following day... We are all given the opportunity to run our cars in controlled environments during this week long event. I cannot encourage you enough to next time take advantage of those events.

    BTW this has nothing to do with being a "man" or any of that or losing your "man card" if you were to not act this is called maturity and knowing there is a time and a place for such things and the road just outside of the event is neither.

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    Most everyone will blame the drivers. I agree but it probably would happen less if no one was watching on the grass.

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    I dont understand why they allow the people on the grass. When I get kicked out my hotel parking lot cuz they say it will cut down on the burnouts on the strip if we are not out there. The only difference I payed 1300 to stay there not trying to get people to burnout. But just chill relax have a beer and talk cars with my Mustang friends! Might just stay home next year save over 3 G's just dump it in my car. Mustang week use to be fun for me but most messed that up now. And drivers you have nothing to prove every single car in that lot can spin tires.

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    Guys we are working on ways to address this in the future to make this a non issue.

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