First, let me borrow Scott's post from last week about judging. We judge every car there and score it it based on cleanliness on the whole car (minus truck, windows and convertible tops, it is the beach of course). We group like year cars together as they should see similar wear and tear over the years and we group them together and have judges judge like year cars for comparison. Once we capture all of the scores we list them top to bottom and depending on how many cars are entered in that year category, will determine how may award of excellence we hand out to those years. Based on the number of cars entered for that year vs. the whole show is how many we would hand out to those year cars, making it an equal chance for a lower car count year to win as a higher car count year. We do see variations from judges and years, but remember the cars vary from year to year so it is hard to make the comparison year over year.

Instead of doing a top 1-2-3, we decided years ago to do an Award of Excellence for all of the great cars that come out that did not win a best of trophy for year or specific car. We always try to look to make the show better, but always try to be as fair as we can to all that enter.

It is important to note that almost half the show field got something for their efforts. And I'll try address a few recent concerns about why awards are on Saturday and why the "take so long." The awards are held on Saturday for two main reasons. It gives the Staff time to digest the judging data/scores that are entered into the computer and then discuss "best of's." Trying to pack all that into Friday would keep us there until 7pm or later on Friday evening. Also, having awards on Friday actually hurts numbers/attendance on Saturday and that doesn't sit well with paying Sponsors. So, a couple years back we decided it best to have awards on Saturday afternoon. As for the length of the awards ceremony, the only way to shorten that would be to only give "best of" trophies next year. I think most would like the odds better the way we do things now. Also, it is worth mentioning that if you had read your e-mail confirmation for the show it clearly states that if you can't be there on Saturday, for whatever reason, we would mail you your trophy if you got one.

Now, here is a list of the 2014 Car Show Award Winners. The first listed are the Best Of's and then the Awards of Excellence. Congratulations to all!