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Thread: Safety equipment/passengers for fun runs

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    Default Safety equipment/passengers for fun runs


    First year actually getting to attend. Few questions: Are passengers allowed during Fun runs and what safety equipment if any is needed? Helmet? Thanks.

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    from what ive gathered there are no safety restrictions other than you shouldn't have anything loose in the car that may move around in the car while moving, make sure the car can withstand the punishment of higher Gforces(nothing like missing lugnuts, bad wheell bearings,ect), it would probably be wise to take everything that isnt needed out of the car and make sure your safety belts are in good shape and function properly.

    when i have ran the past few years i have not been required to run a helmet or any safety equipment. i also have had people ride with me the past few years so im sure the rules have not changed. it wouldnt hurt to bring a helmet though. better safe than sorry.

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