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Thread: 66 Mustang with a Coyote swap

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    Car started in like 3 seconds so we must have done something right lol
    First test grive went grat just a few bugs to work out but we have to hurry up and Haul Ass load in the trailer and get it to MUSTANG WEEK 2015 !!!!!!!!!!

    Another late night of polishin and shinin couple little things to do before loading it up

    WOOHOOOOOOO its Loaded up and straped down Myrtle Beach here wecome

    We Made it and got a great spot in the show field could not ask for a better one Lucky us

    A little mirror action to show how nice the underside is ( Rear Mirror )

    Front Mirror

    With the Kustom LED side markers on

    A little Before and after and Why

    Coil covers and regulator

    Owner Lew Mesta getting the Editors Choice Award from Editor Steve Turner we feel very Honored He Picked our Car

    Proud moment Builder and Owner

    Lew and the 66 Coyote with there Award

    My Buddy Jeff and Editer Turner Are Pro Cameramen andhave some really cool shots of the car when I can get them I will post them
    Do it right Do it once Do it wrong it's gonna bomb

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    Well finally got it Tuned on the Dynojet here are the Videos

    Do it right Do it once Do it wrong it's gonna bomb

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    And the Important stuff

    Do it right Do it once Do it wrong it's gonna bomb

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