This is a common question for 1st Timers! Unless you've been it is very hard to describe the feeling you get during Mustang Week. I've never been to another event that feels the same.

First, if you haven't read the event overview ( start there. That gives a day-by-day account of when/where/how the day will go. One thing we stress is that our events are scheduled so that you can still enjoy a vacation in Myrtle Beach. Also, please don't show up earlier than the posted times for each day's events. This makes it much easier to set up and be ready when people begin to arrive.

Tuesday, July 16th, is our annual Meet-n-Greet at the Palace Theatre. This is located near Broadway at the Beach shopping area. This event requires no registration, and no fee. You can come and stay as long as you like. This is really the chance to see what the week has in store as you begin to see just how big the attendance will be.

Wednesday, July 17th, we head back to Myrtle Beach Speedway (0.5-mile oval) for Fun-Runs, Autocross, and the annual Burnout Contest. Again, you don't have to be here all day to enjoy this event. This is your chance to take some laps on a NASCAR-sanctioned paved oval and to give Autocross a try. This is truly a great day to enjoy driving our cars the way they were intended to be driven! To participate in this year’s event will be $25 for car and driver. You can also come to watch all the fun from the stands for $5 per person as well. You can pay as you come into MB Speedway the day of the event or pre-pay/register with the Track Manager on Tuesday at the Meet-n-Greet. The Burnout Contest will be at 5:30pm and you will have to pay the Speedway as a participant to be in the contest.

Thursday, July 18th, is our annual Drag Night at Darlington Dragway! This event is run test-n-tune style and is for Mustangs and SVT's only. This is your chance to see what your car can do in the 1/4-mile in a no-stress situation. Come have a good time and watch all the fun! The drive to Darlington is about 1.5 hours, but it is a fun ride if you pair up with a group heading that way! We will have a set of driving directions available at the Meet-n-Greet. There is as $10 fee at the gate for spectators and a $15 fee for those who wish to take part (as drivers) in the event.

Friday, July 19th, is the annual MW Car Show. This is the day for the judged car show and the first opportunity to see all the MW Sponsors and Vendors set up in one location. We will be at Myrtle Beach Mall, located near the intersection of SC 22 and US 17. Our main show fields are beside and in front of Bass Pro Shops, near Hooters. The judged portion of the Car Show has online registration only, no registration day-of will be taken at this point. Those in the show, please do not show up early. We don't open the show field for parking until 9am. Most of the MW Staff work all night long getting the Sponsors/Vendors parked into the show field lots and preparing for Friday. Opening at 9am for check in/parking allows us the time to get things ready before hundreds of Mustangs and SVT's arrive. For those just wanting to spectate and see all the cars, sponsors, and vendors, there is no fee and you can come and go as you like!

Saturday, July 20th, is our largest event, the MW Cruise-In. This event takes place in the same area as Friday's show at the Myrtle Beach Mall. There is no registration required and no fee. The Cruise-In runs from 12:00 pm until 6:00 pm and we will begin parking shortly after 11am. We again ask that you do not show up to early so that we may have the area ready for 2,000+ that show up that day! You can come and go as you please. Car Show awards will be given out at 3pm followed by the much-awaited raffle drawings! Another Staff request is that you be very patient with traffic as you come and go. It will be a busy area that day. The Cruise-In is your best chance to really see just how LARGE MW attendance is. All Sponsors and Vendors will again be hand.

Well, that is Mustang Week in a nutshell, but keep in mind that only covers what happens during the Official MW events. Probably the best thing about Mustang Week, is that you have the freedom to go/come as you please and make it a great beach vacation. I hope this helps!

MW Staff