If you are looking for a place to unwind at night, while avoiding the hustle & bustle of Broadway at the Beach, we love The Bowery. If you like country, southern rock, classic rock, and feel-good beer-drinking music, you'll LOVE this place. The live house band is outstanding. Hope you like to drink beer, cause that's all they serve and it's only the "house brand." (Although you can go next door to the sister bar Duffy's to get a mixed drink). Great bar joint atmosphere. I know alot of people know of the Bowery, but you never know if a first-time attendee may be reading these posts. I'm sure alot of locals probably consider The Bowery a "tourist" place, but it's really a down-home joint.


my wife says "Fun as sh*t, it makes you like beer when you normally hate it, and it needs more cowbell." There you go.