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Thread: South Myrtle Beach

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    Default South Myrtle Beach

    If you are staying on the south end, Thorny's is a good place to dine.
    They also have a Krispy Kreme, hot off the line!
    I like the laid back (less traffic) even during MW.
    We are in Myrtle Beach at least once a year for the last 20 years and we still find great places each trip.
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    I grew up staying at Lakewood Campground on the south end, near Surfside. I love that end of the Grand Strand as well. We'd go down 3-4 times from late Spring through early Fall, and it was great. We traveled all over while there, but I agree that the south end is much more laid back. That is what I like about staying at Holiday Sands South. It's close to the end of the beach that I grew up with. With the recent highway addtions (SC 31), travel to that end is much easier now.
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    We love the south end of Myrtle Beach as well. Actually, when our group has rented a house (3 times previously), we always get one down in the Surfside/Garden City area. We love the laid back atmosphere down there, as well as having less traffic.
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