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Thread: January 5.0

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    Default January 5.0

    Mike Clay
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    Once again, great coverage for a great event. Oh yea I'm in the 5.0 Buzz section also.
    C. Scott "Bones" Wilbanks
    Rally Appalachia 2011, Team BlackFox Car #80

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    It was a sweet read for sure. It deserves AT LEAST that many pages, if not more!

    Bones - I read yours too. I saw your name and was like wait a minute. Very cool man. I wish I had the money to do that as well. I work at CJs and found out Bill (the service manager) was involved with his Termi swapped Sn95.

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    It was easy to install and it is working like charm for me. Awesome and you are king of snippets.

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